FX Games and Console Repair is DFW's video game headquarters

FX Games and Console Repair is an independently owned video game store located in Plano, Texas. We BUY, SELL, TRADE, RENT and REPAIR all retro and current generation video games and consoles.


We are your one-stop shop for professional video game repairs for retro and current generation video game consoles and handheld game systems.

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Buy, Sell, Trade

We BUY, SELL, TRADE, and RENT all of your favorite video games from any system old and new.

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Games 4 Grades

Turn your good grades into great games. Bring in your latest report card and earn store credit. For all students K-12.

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Tourney locator

FX Games and Console Repair has proudly partnered with Tourney Locator to provide the best local, regional and national Smash Bros. Tournaments.

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Extreme Gamer Membership

Enjoy exclusive deals and discounts on most purchases and video game trades with our lifetime membership.

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Extreme Rental Membership

We provide a monthly rental subscriptions so you can rent any video game we have in stock.

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Extreme Tourney Membership

Our Extreme Tourney Membership covers all of your venue fees for tournaments at FX Games and Console Repair.

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Buy, Sell and Trade Retro Games

We BUY, SELL, TRADE and RENT video games, video game systems, accessories, and provide repair services for game consoles and controllers.


Weekly Smash Bros Tournaments

FX Game Exchange hosts many gaming events and tournaments at our Plano, Texas location including weekly Smash Tournaments, The Retro Gamer Hootenany, Free Video Game Day and a number of charity events.

FX Game Exchange Partners