Repairs FAQ

Why should I choose FX Game Exchange to repair my game console?

Our professional and experienced staff has repaired countless video game consoles from retro to next-gen. We also cover all of our professional repair services with our FX Repair Guarantee.

How much does it cost?

Due to the many different models and unique internal parts that are required, repair pricing and replacement part pricing is provided based on YOUR particular needs. Our experience shows that some issues can be corrected with cleaning/refurbishing of the internal electronics in the system, while other repairs require replacement parts.

How long does the repair take?

We strive to provide our repair services in a timely manner to get you back to gaming. Repair time depends on the availability of required parts and the other requirements of the repair. We want to make sure your console is thoroughly repaired, cleaned and tested before we give it back to you. We will give you an approximate timeline when you drop your system off.

Do you have any kind of warranty/guarantee?

At FX Game Exchange, we take pride in the quality of our work and we stand behind our services. We do provide an FX Repair Guarantee based on the services that were provided. (Guarantees apply only to the repairs that we perform and the parts we use. We will not cover any type of damage caused by negligence, drops, abuse, or power shorts.)

What if my console cannot be repaired?

We are able to repair most of video game consoles that we receive. In the rare event that your game console is unrepairable, we will notify you and give any recommendations to get you back to gaming.

Can you repair retro consoles?

YES! We repair all consoles and handheld gaming devices. From Nintendo to Neo Geo, we can breathe new life into your retro gaming consoles. Typical repairs include, capacitor replacement, pin replacements, controller repair and disc laser repairs.

My tablet (iPad, Kindle, etc.) has a cracked screen, can you fix it?

We can,……

Can you fix an Xbox 360 with the Red Ring of Death?

We can,……

Can you replace a 72-pin connector in my original Nintendo?

YES! The original Nintendo Entertainment System is notorious for having worn out pin connectors. Thankfully we can replace the pin connector and have your NES back up and running like new.

Can you fix a jammed disc drive?

We can,……

I tried to repair my console myself. Can you help?

We receive video game consoles in nearly every condition. We do not have issue working with previous repair attempts, however we ask that you let us know ahead of time to make our technicians aware of your repair attempt. The more honest detail you offer will allow our staff to avoid extended diagnostics which will keep your repair services fast and accurate. We ask that you secure loose parts in Ziploc bags to avoid parts becoming lost or missing.

What is a Reflow?

Reflowing can and does work to fix the Xbox 360 RROD and Playstation 3 YLOD issues. Reflowing is where various chips are brought back to the solder melting temperature in order to rejoin the BGA chips solder balls back to the motherboard. If a reflow is done correctly with the correct tools it is capable of lasting for months to years. This method has been the norm for many repair centers and home repair techs. Equipment and processes however can vary greatly and will provide different results. 

What is a Reball?


Are these permanent fixes?


How long will my repair last?


Do you do any custom modifications?


Can you region mod my console?


My games no longer save, can you fix them?
Sure! It is very common for the battery to go bad in older Nintendo, Gameboy (especially Pokémon) and other cartridge-based games. Just bring in your games and we will replace the batteries.